5 new car safety features you should be aware of

19 November 2018


What have vibrating steering wheels, in-car alarms and facial recognition software got in common? They’re all new car safety features and ones you should add to your vehicle safety checklist when considering a brand-new car.

We list five of the best.

1. Speed limiting devices

Everyone knows that the faster you’re travelling when you crash, the worse the consequences. But even with that knowledge, it’s easy to creep beyond the speed limit.

That’s where the latest driver safety systems can help. They automatically control your vehicle’s top speed ensuring you’re on the right side of the law and keeping you and your passengers safer too.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you want your next car to take on more of the driving burden, consider adding adaptive cruise control to your vehicle safety checklist.

Using lasers, radar, cameras, or a combination of all three, this technology ensures you remain within the speed limit and a safe distance from the vehicle in front. Adaptive cruise control can even stop your car and pick up speed as appropriate.


2. Tech that helps you stay in-lane

We’ve all found ourselves drifting into the next lane or the hard shoulder on long or late-night drives. Now new car safety features mean you’ll never experience the judder caused by rumble strips or cats’ eyes again.

By monitoring road markings, the lane departure warning system sounds a chime or vibrates the steering wheel to alert you to stay on track.

Some makes and models provide even more advanced driver safety technology, like lane keeping assist. This software recognises when your car is drifting and automatically steers you back on track. Keeping you, your passengers and other road users safe.


3. New car safety features that offer added alertness

It’s easy to lose focus while driving. But not if you ensure your new car has forward-collision warning software. This system scans for any cars in front and provides the driver with a visual or audible warning to alert them of a potential crash.

Should a new car be a little way off for you, it’s worth adding facial recognition software to your vehicle safety checklist. This clever tech works by monitoring the driver’s face for signs of fatigue and alertness and warns them when they’re not paying attention.

Makers currently use buzzers to sound the alarm however, in the future, you can expect vibrating seats to keep you alert. This technology is just starting to be seen in a variety of mid-range vehicles so it’s certainly within reach for most new car owners.


4. More eyes all around

There’s nothing worse than thinking you’re free to pull out into the next lane and suddenly catching sight of another vehicle.

Blind spot monitoring makes this horrible experience a thing of the past. Using cameras to spot vehicles you might have missed, the system warns you of their presence by lighting up a dot in your mirror.

By giving you a nudge to check again, this driver safety software will help you avoid one of the major causes of UK crashes.


5. Active safety features

Thanks to the latest technological advances, you can expect your car to do more for you automatically. That includes adjusting your lights to prevent your car from blinding other motorists.

These new lighting systems work by linking headlamp direction with steering so additional lights will turn on as you corner. Really advanced new car safety features also detect vehicles ahead and will adjust your lights to provide maximum illumination without the dazzle.

And it’s not just lights that are self-adjusting. Active head restraints have been designed to minimise whiplash injuries by moving up and forward in a crash. They cradle the head and absorb more of the energy that puts pressures on necks.

This will hopefully minimise neck injuries and could help to control whiplash-related insurance premium hikes too.


It’s funny to think that seat belts were once the latest in driver safety. As technology advances, you can expect to see even more new car safety features being added to the latest makes and models. Taking up a new car every few years means you’ll be able to tick a lot of the boxes on your car safety checklist. Which will protect you, your passengers and other road users.


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