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What is the true value of employee wellbeing?

18 January 2019

The importance of employee wellbeing is a hot topic among HR teams across the nation. Yet, despite all the discussion, of employers have no health and wellbeing strategy. But that’s all set to change as, by 2020, 76% of employers plan to introduce health and wellbeing plans to differentiate themselves from other organisations.

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Why you should have an employee wellbeing strategy

11 January 2019

High-performing organisations recognise the benefits of a holistic employee wellbeing programme that takes them well beyond their statutory health and safety obligations. By helping their staff commit to improving their physical and emotional health, eating well and being active, firms are reaping the rewards.

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Is New Years Day the most dangerous day to drive?

20 December 2018

Drink driving comes into sharp focus at Christmas and New Year. All those parties. All that alcohol. And some of the worst weather conditions of the year.

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Why leasing a car can be better than buying

13 December 2018

A new car is likely to be your second biggest purchasing commitment after buying or renting your home. And it’s a Goldilocks decision where you need to get everything just right.

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What are the business mileage allowances for electric cars?

10 December 2018

Business mileage allowances for petrol and diesel cars have been available for decades. They make it easy for employers to reimburse employees for their company car fuel expenses.

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Employer responsibilities for work-related driving

3 December 2018

“Almost a quarter of business leaders with road-going employees are leaving themselves vulnerable to reputational damage, heavy fines and even corporate manslaughter charges.” Big Change and Brake, 2018

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Recent Fleet News Article announces “Electric vehicles will become “dominant” in next 10 years.”

30 November 2018

A story this week on Fleet News details that electric vehicles are expected to become dominant in 89% of fleets before the end of the next decade. It cites a new study by Geotab where 46% of fleets currently have no electric vehicles but expect them to become a substantial part of the fuel mix in the coming years.

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5 new car safety features you should be aware of

19 November 2018

What have vibrating steering wheels, in-car alarms and facial recognition software got in common? They’re all new car safety features and ones you should add to your vehicle safety checklist when considering a brand-new car.

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Buyer's Guide to Electric Cars and Charging

9 November 2018

The opportunity to own a brand new car presents you with the exciting possibility of going electric. But when you’re used to petrol or diesel, this raises a whole host of questions. How far could you travel? Where can you charge your car? Is it expensive to own an electric vehicle?

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Kit Wisdom Joins Tusker as Operations Director

5 November 2018

Kit Wisdom, Operations Director, joined Tusker in August 2018 having previously worked at Alphabet for seven years in a variety of senior leadership roles. Here Kit tells us a little more about why he came to work for us, as well as giving us his thoughts on what he thinks the future might hold in our industry.

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