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Contract Hire

Whatever the size of your company car fleet, the way in which it is funded can have a major impact on your overall financial performance. The funding of company vehicles, regardless of fleet size, can be a significant drain on financial and human resources, especially at a time when resale values are increasingly volatile.

Contract hire can remove both the financial and administrative burden from your business. It can deliver a tax-efficient form of funding which eliminates risk and smooths cashflow. you simply lease the vehicles you need from us for an agreed amount of time and at fixed monthly rates. We retain ownership and at the end of the hire term you just return the vehicle to us.

Our contract hire solution can also include a full maintenance package which means you have the option to pay a fixed monthly amount for vehicle maintenance. Usually this covers the cost of regular services, MOTs and a maintenance management programme. We find that most customers include maintenance cover to keep their drivers on the road and their business out of complex, costly administration.

We understand that your fleet requirements can change so our contract hire service gives you maximum flexibility. However your fleet requirements change we can adjust your contract with minimum impact on your operations.

We will work with you and your fleet requirements to cover any eventuality. We can provide contract extensions to allow your business to keep a vehicle for a longer period or we can re-write your contract based on either the term or mileage to help manage your fleet more simply.

By choosing contract hire you have the benefits of vehicle ownership without all the disadvantages. If you'd like more information, we'd love to hear from you. Just email us at hello@tuskerdirect.com.

Contract Hire